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A good website needs to be built and designed with search engine optimisation and its associated elements as part of the overall design strategy. In simplistic terms this means you can climb the pages of search results, resulting in more visitors to your website.

Blue Smarty can help. We are not a specialist SEO company, but by combining both on-site and off-site tasks such as:

Keyword Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Use and Placement of Keywords
Copy Writing
Onsite Optimisation
Blogs and Social Networking
Website Testing & Analysis

We can help you to rank higher on Google searches at a much lower cost. We can work regularly on your website SEO with the aim of increasing its Page Rank and search result position. This would involve work on keyword analysis, competitor analysis, copy writing, onpage optimisation, coding optimisation, website testing & analysis and social networking. We are also able to set up and monitor Google Adwords campaigns for you.

Keyword Analysis Whilst SEO is no longer just about keywords, choosing the best keywords does still influence your search engine results. A keyword analysis will help you choose the optimal keywords based on search volume and suitability to the website. The keywords then need to be applied to specific areas of the page and included to optimal saturation in the text. Each page of your website should use keywords specific to that page.

Competitor Analysis It is useful to analyse your competitors ranking and to look at their strengths and weaknesses.

Social Networking and Media Planning such as Facebook and Twitter are useful tools for your SEO campaign, as is a well planned and executed Social Media plan which can pay dividends in promoting your message.

Articles & Blogging are a great way to inform your customers / potential customers of points of interest and can include keywords and links to your site which are most beneficial.

Website Testing & Analysis We use a third party ‘With Hindsite Ltd’ to run non-biased testing on our websites. They can test all areas of your website to check that it is up to speed and well optimised. We then work closely with With Hindsite to apply any onsite changes. We can also analyse your current website and online marketing performance.

Google Adwords The previous tasks relate to ‘organic’ searches, meaning you appear on internet searches at no cost to yourself. However, in many cases it can be valuable to use Google Adwords where you can pay to be shown on Google Searches for certain keywords, phrases or products.

You can see examples of our portfolio by clicking work and do please contact us if you think we might be able to help.

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