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Website Consultancy | Blue Smarty can be your mentor when it comes to setting up your first website or if you are just looking to re-design or get more out of your current one. With our extensive knowledge and specialist help we can help you along the journey.

We will analyse your current website, not only the design but the functionality – are you giving off the right image? Is your website easy to navigate? We will look at your competitors sites and see how we can give you an edge on them. Along with this we will see who your target market are, and see how we can improve traffic to your website. And if needed we can do a full SEO service for you.

Once we have determined all we need to, we will give you a full analysis report and advise on how to transform your website.

You can see examples of our portfolio by clicking Work and do please Contact us if you think we might be able to help.

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